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An Official and Commercial Delegation from Kurdistan Visited Poland

Published in news Wednesday, 29 January 2020 10:20

Erbil: On 15th January, 2020, An official and commercial delegation from Kurdistan visited Poland, the commercial delegate headed by Soran Abu Bakir, the deputy president of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the official one included The ministers of Agriculture and Water resources and the head of investment board, to participate in the International agriculture fair. On the same day, the delegation visited the ministry of agriculture and received by Shimon Gizhniski, the undersecretary of the minister, the delegations talked over the ways of collaboration between the both the countries, and how Kurdistan benefit from the the Poland experience. The visiting delegation articulated the rules of establishing investment in the Region, hoped the investors to visit the region and benefit from the business opportunities. Then, the delegation visited the ministry of water resources and received by Ana Moscua, the minister of water resources, in a meeting between the both sides discussed how the companies in that stated be helpful in protecting the Kurdistan water resources. Through building dames, holding training courses, and their companies present in Kurdistan to filter polluted water. On the next day; the delegation visited the Poland Chamber and received by Arinda Riski, the president of the Chamber. The both sides talked extensively about the investment law in Kurdistan for foreigners, and encouraging the Polish companies to invest in the Region. Particularly those that operating in the fields of agriculture and industry. They emphasized on more delegation exchanges. The delegation also participated in the the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the Chamber. On 17th January, 2020, the delegation visited the presidency of Poznan Region and received by Gru Bawski, the deputy president of the Region, they talked about the agriculture experience in that region, the Chamber delegation hoped benefiting of the experience and transferring it to Kurdistan Region. On the same day, the delegates visited the board of the Poznan International fair, in this fair the role and importance of the fairs been discussed, they expressed the readiness to receive the Kurdistan agricultural products, then the both delegations in the opening ceremony of the fair. Then after, the Chamber delegation visited the Poznan Chamber, the delegate asked the Poznan Chamber it to encourage their companies to come and invest in Kurdistan Region, and suggested opening direct air flights between Poland and Kurdistan.

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