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Erbil:On 1/22/2013 Mr. Kak Amin Najjar Head of Erbil 16  the Kurdistan Democratic Party Branch  accompanied by a number of partisans in the leadership of the Branch  has visited the  headquarters of Erbil Chamber, where he was received by Mr. Dara Jalil Khayat head President of the Chamber nd his deputy Mr. Soran Abu Bakir Aziz and members of the Board of Directors and a number of officials in the Chamber, ,Mr. .President of the  chamber welcomed them and wished success for Kurdistan Democratic Party ,and its  wise leadership to serve the people of Kurdistan , government and its institutions, including chambers of commerce and industry in the Region, also Mr. Kak Amin  gave  thanks and gratitude  for warmly reception ,was speaking about  some of the problems fabricated by the Government  in the Center with the region, hoping to be overcome in the near future because the main objective of the Region is the implementation of development programs and serve the people ,not engage in resolving disputes with the center, as indicated to good relations with neighboring countries

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On21/01/2013 Mr. Dara Jalil Khayat president  of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry ,in the presence of hisdeputy Mr. Soran Abu Bakir Aziz, with a number of members of the Board of Directors of the Chamber and the owners ofbusinesses in Erbil ,has met a Turkish trade delegation headed by Mr. Ahmed Ayden  the mayor of the Turkish province ofSiirt who visited the Kurdistan Region , accompanied by a number of Turkish trading officials and four officials of Turkish Chambers of Commerce they were the presidents of the chambers of the  cities of Mardin and Siirt ,Shirnakh and Batman,also attended by  the head of the Tigris Agency for economic development, and after exchanging greetings and talks between Messrs. head of the Chamber and the mayor  of  province  of Siirt two sides touched to the importance ofstrengthening trade relations between the Kurdistan Region and neighboring Turkey,

and then the  Turkish owners of the businesses met with the Kurdistan counterparts of them ,to put a new brick of trade cooperation, and resulted in the meeting signing of five memoranda of understanding with chambers of commerce  the fourTurkish Chambers  and Tigris Agency  for economic development include all ways  for trade and economic cooperationbetween Erbil Chamber of Commerce and the Turkish counterparts .

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Erbil:On 20/1/2013 Mr. Giordano Senisa Director of External Relations of  Italian Foundation (Acnovor) for Trade  , visited the  Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry ,has received at his office  by Mr. Dara Jalil Khayat - Head of the Chamber where there was talk about the importance of coordination and trade cooperation between  Kurdistan businessmen in the region and their counterparts in Italy, this  Foundation , works in coordination with the Italian Ministry of Development , the President of the Chamber has provided required facilities to achieve the desired goal of the institution in collaboration with the private commercial sector in Kurdistan.

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Erbil: On 20/1/2013  Mr. Rolf Ulrich German General Consul based in the region: visited the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry , and was received  by, Mr. Dara Jalil Khayat President  of the Chamber, the aim of this visit is to inform  the chamber ,that in the beginning of next February a large German delegation will headed by a Minister، accompanied by eighty businessmen، theowners of commercial interests and journalists to visit Iraq.

The delegation representing three ministries which are- transportation - Construction - municipalities, and after the completion of the visit at the center will visit the Kurdistan region to meet with officials in it, the General Consul has askedMr. President of the Chamber the possibility of establishing a forum for the delegation and businessmen with the  Kurdishbusinesses in order to work on expanding economic cooperation and trade between both economic and commercialinstitutions of Kurdistan and their German counterparts ,the head of the Chamber promised the consul to do that.

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Erbil:On 16/1//2013 Mr. Dara Jalil Khayat President of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry has received a Kuwaiti press delegation headed by Mr. Adnan Al-Rashid Kuwait Journalists secretary in the presence of Mr. Annan Muamin the Kuwaiti ambassador to Iraq, the meeting was attended by a number of members of the administrative board of the Chamber in addition to a  number of Kurdistan journalists, Mr. President of the Chamber has welcomed guest delegation and wished them a pleasant stay, as pointed out to the importance of entering Kuwaiti investors to the Kurdistan market as well as the opening   of navigation of airline between the Region and the State of Kuwait,  the delegation has   taken these proposals into consideration and promised to envoy  them to the businessmen and Kuwaitis officials, with the bright image of the Region as leadership as well as people through development which  is currently under way

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Erbil: Under  the patronage of Mr. Dara Jalil Khayat chairman of the chamber On 01.16.2013   a forum on insurance services for traffic accidents was held at the Chamber of Commerce headquarters  ,it was  attended by a number of officials and delegates from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, ministries and companies specialized in the field of insurance, in addition to a number of university professors and experienced in the relevant field.


.At the  opening of the forum  Mr. President of the Chamber welcomed the attendees and said  ,holding of this event is important for insurance organizations role and those have  influence on the economic and human development in communities, and wished that the participants rely on the  Language of Understanding inter-governmental institutions and civil concerned to develop an elaborated  mechanism for  the application of insurance program in the Region, also Mr. Saeed Abdullah representative of the Ministry of Finance, gave briefly an idea of the topic and its importance, as well as Mr. Director General of the registrar of companies ,pointed to a number of companies registered  working on the field  of insurance, which are already six  registered companies,, also Mr. Abu Zaid Mohamed Hassan participated in the dialogue, one of those involved in government insurance field where indicated to the number of traffic accidents and victims in the year 2012, as well as there was an intervention by Mr. Arras Qadir Khoshnaw director of the Center for Strategic Studies and Research in the dialogue which shed light on the amount of compensation resulting from the actions of these incidents.


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Erbil:On 01/13/2013  A delegation of Turkish commercial Otilim Association headed by Mr. Muhammad Shah Kaplan AssemblyCoordinator, accompanied by a number of Turkish businessmen ,has  visited the headquarters of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce andIndustry , the delegation was received by Mr. Dara Jalil Khayat President  of the Erbil  Chamber of Commerce and Industry ,they  talked about building up trade relations between the Chamber and the Assembly on a friendly basis ,the Idea was welcomed by both parties

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Erbil:On 8/1/2012  A senior Iranian trade delegation headed by Mr. Mohamed Samadi  and accompanied  by Mr.HusseinAzimi   the Iranian Consul in Erbil in addition to Mr. Jamshid Alizadeh Iranian commercial attaché in Erbil has visited the  ErbilChamber of Commerce, , The delegation was received warmly by Mr. Dara Jalil Khayat President of the  Erbil Chamber of commerce  in the presence of a number of its members  the sides talked about strengthening economic and trade relations in a number of   various fields  between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Kurdistan ,worth mentioning  that the delegationrepresents a number of commercial and industrial sectors of Khorasan province in Iran.

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