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Erbil: from American Group of (Invest in Group) visited the Chamber ,and they interviewed Mr.Dara Jalil Khayat thepresident of Erbil Chamber of Commerce and  Industry.


On 27/01/2013 Mr. Dara Jalil Khayat has  received a delegation from the The American Organization (Invest in Group) for publishing , preparing research, consulting and providing new perspectives on emerging business in the world ,which was visiting  the region in order to publish a special issue of  a magazine about the experience of trade and investment and existing economic activities, the team before the  visit to the Chamber met  officials of businesses and other economic to getmore reports  and information about  trade ,economic and successful investment that taken  place in the Region during the last period, asking Mr. President of the Chamber  to support activities  of  the Chamber and the gains  have made during his presidency.  He  expressed his willingness to fully cooperate to ensure the success of the  mission.

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Erbil:On 29/01/2013 Mr. Dara Jalil Khayat President of  Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry  has received Administration manager and   projects manager of the British Hertz company specializing in project management and installation of security equipment and rental of equipment ,and machinery, where the company is due to open a branch in the Region, the delegation has given Mr. President of the Chamber advice on the economies of the region  and an explanationon automotive trade.

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Erbil: On 01/28/2013 Mr. Dara Jalil Khayat president of Erbil Chamber of Comerce and Industry has received  A Turkish business Group working under the auspices of the  Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Industry ,specialists in  trade of  textiles and clothing industry in order to move and enhancing trade with their counterparts in the region ,their step has been hailed  by Mr. President of the Chamber ,said  such visits would raise the volume of trade exchange between the Region  and its neighbor Turkey also pointed out thatthe  Erbil Chamber of Commerce and industry . played an important role in this regard and expressed full readiness to support all commercial activities which are in the interest of all parties in the two countries

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