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Erbil :on 18.11.2015 ,Mr. Soran  Abu Bakr al-Aziz, Deputy Chairman of the  Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry ,in his office received  a group of Hungarian companies ,which were  participated in the Erbil  International agricultural exhibition held in Erbil , headed by Mr. Pallas kees ,the official of the Hungarian office  for international trade.

The delegation was welcomed warmly by the Deputy Chairman of the Chamber and wished them a pleasant stay and success in Erbil , asked the representatives of these companies ,to have more participation in the economic arena of Kurdistan  and seek to open branches in the Region  , especially the enduring  security situation help and encourage the entry of more foreign companies to do business in the region  , privately  agricultural and tourism companies saying : that the crisis of the financial situation of the Region , it is only like a summer cloud and quickly go away and come back as strong as it was and better .

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Erbil: On 18.11.2015, Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat President  of the Erbil  Chamber of Commerce and Industry ,received in his office on a number of representatives of Iranian companies ,those were the  participants of  the Erbil International agricultural Fair held in Erbil.

The  representatives of these companies saught  to enter the Kurdistan market in the field of agriculture and food industries and the possibility of finding partners for them in the region.


They have indicated in  this meeting to the obstacles facing them in the customs points ,that negatively affect the commercial traffic between the two parties, and asked to chamber intervention ,in order to simplify those procedures to the extent that it enables companies to enter  goods specially agricultural goods in a reasonable time ,because they are perishable  .

Mr. President of the Chamber promised to  tackle this issue and the search for the possibility of overcoming these obstacles to service economies of the two countries.


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