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Erbil: On 26/04/2017, under the patronage of the Office of Industrial and Commercial relation- Germany, in the presence of Mr. Galahad Mustafa the Head of Foreign Affairs Department of KRG, Mr. Mark ECshhuron  the German Consul General in Erbil, Soran Abu baker the deputy president of Erbil Chamber a number of businessmen at the hall of the European Training and Technological Center in Erbil a workshop was held for the consolidation of economic ties between Kurdistan and Germany. 

At the outset, the German Consul General said" Iraq is pass through a difficult times, but we still hopeful and optimistic about the fate of the country, the ISIS war is due to end up, we will continue our support to the end of the war." 

He added " The post ISIS era is important, we should step towards reconstruction, encourage our companies to come to operate in Kurdistan Region, the situation in the region is suitable for business." 

Later, the the head of KRG Foreign Affairs Department made a statement he emphasized on the importance of holding this kind of activities, said" We are in Kurdistan Regional Government believe in private sector, we hope the private and public sector to raise up their capacity, the region has been through tough times over the past three years but the Kurdistan Region is secure and stable its suitable for doing business, the KRG has its agenda and plans."

Then, Soran Abubakir made a statement in the name of the Chamber said"  The Kurdistan Region is living in the stage of reconstruction, the liberation of Mosul will have a great effect in economic situation in Kurdistan, there is a historical tie between Erbil and Mosul, Mosul would depend on Erbil." 

" The reconstruction materials generally depend on imported stuffs , that's why there are a great opportunities in investing in the field of producing the reconstruction materials except steels, cements and Bricks, specially for the professional German companies the opportunities are available and suitable." 

Also, he emphasized that there are a number of catalysts in Kurdistan like the support of KRG, workforce, economic infrastructure. The German companies can invest in partnership with the local companies and the German banks fund this king of projects. 


In the other part of his statement, he said that in Kurdistan Region now the people are searching for a high end quality goods, this is a good point for the German companies for bringing their products into Kurdistan markets. 

He touched on the agriculture and said it's another important opportunity for business as according to the studies the Kurdistan soul is fertile and can give the food of 40 Millions if should has been exploited.

In the end, the German guests introduced their businesses to attendees. 

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