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Erbil: On 10/12/2017, in the library hall of the Erbil a Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Ibrahim Muhammad Kannabi the deputy president of the Chamber, Mr. Majeed Jalil, Fidaadin Gardy, Sarkawt Jamal, Kamal Aziz, the members of board directors of the Chamber received were received a commercial  delegation from Hamadan city of Iran headed by Rahman Nadii the president of Hamadan Chamber of Commerce.


The visiting guest was included 30 traders and company owners operating in the fields of Agriculture, food, Electronics, furniture, construction. Although, a number of Erbil businessmen 

Working in the same fields attended the meeting 

In the outset, Mr. Majeed Jalil welcomed the delegation and hoped for them pleasant stay in Erbil. Then, Mr. Ibrahim Kanabii made a statement, talked about the amount of Commercial exchange between Kurdistan Region and Iran which is about 6-8 billions$ annually, but he stated that they are ambitious for more exchanges. 

Also, he cast light on the way to strengthen trade relations with Iran and building more relations with the Iranian Chambers. 

Later, Mr. Nadii, the head of the visiting delegation pointed out the aim of the visit which its strengthening trade, export, and investment. 

He said" despite that the Hamadan city has 36 industrial zones, our products are leveling up to universal standards. Added" this delegation has the capacity to invest in all sectors they are capable to renovate the Erbil factories on their own cost." He hoped more collaboration in the future. 

Then after, Mr. Fidaadin Grady expressed the readiness of the Chamber to help all those want to invest in Kurdistan Region. 

In the End of the meeting, the delegation members introduced themselves and their businesses.

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Erbil: On 30/6/2017-2-7-2017, An Exhibition for apparel, handcrafts and clothing was held in The Mehatma Mander city of India. 

Mr. Ibrahim Sofi, the deputy president of Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Fidaadin Gardy and Jawhar Khidir the members of board of directors of the chambers were presented in the Exhibition. 

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