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Erbil: On the period of 12-25Feb, 2018, Tge Kuwait Conference for Iraq Reconstruction fundraising held in the participation of the representative of 70 countries and 1850 companies. 

In this Conference, 143 high officials from Iraq represented different Iraqi establishments and sectors represented the country in the Conference. Regarding, Kurdistan Region the Ministers of Planning and Reconciliation, the governors, Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat the president of the Federation of the Kurdistan Chambers and a number of other officials took part in the Conference. 

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Erbil, On 8Feb, 2018, an expanded meeting held to discuss the ways to develop the commercial relations with world Countries. 

The representative of the Council of Ministers, the Head of the Commerce and Industry Chambers, the manager of relations between Kurdistan Region and Iran, the President of Sulaymaniyah and Duhok Chambers attended the meeting in the office of The Fideration of Kurdistan Chambers in Erbil. 

Mainly, the meeting discussed Three top priority topics, First is the strengthening of relations with the world countries specially Iran and Turkey, and the most effective ways have been discussed. Second, explores the ways to accelerate the Kurdistan markets in this dire financial situation. The Third and the last was launching researches about the industrial projects and factories. The development of the agriculture and tourism sectors also being discussed. 

Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat the president of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry emphasized on the necessity of holding this kind of meeting regularly between the Government and the Chambers to solve the economic problems. 


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Erbil: On 3-4Feb, 2018, Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat the President of Kurdistan Federation of Chambers of Commerce and the President of Erbil Chamber participated in the thirst Egypt Investment Forum along with the Arab Countries Heads of Chambers. 

In the sideline of the Forum, Dr .Khayat met with Raifaat Hisar Cilki Oglu the head of the Turkish Chambers, and Essa Murad the president of Oman Chamber, Ali Snyan Ghanim the president of the Kuwait Chamber, and the president of the Arab- Brazilian Chamber separately, they exchanged opinions about the situation of trade in the Region and World. 

Also, Dr . Khayat participated in the 126th meeting of the Federation of the Industry and Agriculture Chambers of the Arab countries, the meeting discussed the Commercial relations between the countries in the Region and the new obstacles in the way of strengthening those relations. 


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Erbil: A joint Memorandum signed between Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry and The Directorate of Industry Development of Erbil to survey the industrial projects in Erbil.

The project aiming at gathering information about the real number of the factories.

The project needs the field work and the Chamber allocated an amount of money for implementing it, it will be commenced soon. 

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