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Erbil: On 15 Feb, 2018, in the presence of the President of The Turkish Chambers, and the President of the Arabic Chambers,  the Turkish- Arabic Chamber met in Beirut the capital of Lebanon. 

Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat the President of The Federation of The Kurdistan Chambers presented in the meeting, which that discussed the prompting economic and commercial ties between Turkey and the Arab countries. 

In the sideline of the conference, Dr. Khayat convened with the head of Chambers to talk about the consolidation of ties with Kurdistan Region in separate meetings.

Dr. Khayat met with Rafaat Hisar Oghlu to talk about exchanging delegation between the both sides, hoped a Turkish commercial delegation will visit Kurdistan Region soon. Mr. Hisar Oglu disclosed that this is imminent and a delegation from the Southern Chamber of his country will be in theRegion soon. 

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