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Erbil: On March 31th, 2021 Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat, the President of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the presence of Soran Abu Bakir, the deputy president, received Rob Waller the United States Consul General to Erbil.

In a meeting they talked about the promotion of mutual commercial relationship between Kurdistan Region and United States. 

Rob Waller said: I would like to high esteem the Erbil Chamber’s activities and our goal to strengthen the commercial relations between both sides and offer help to develop the Banking System in the Region. 

He continued: Until recent years, the United States had been exploring few of it’s products outside, but after the U.S. Congress changed the law, now a large part of the U.S. products is exported to the outside world. At the same time, it’s a golden opportunity to United States companies to come to invest in the Region. 

He added that: In the past time, the United States has supported the Oil and Gas industry in Kurdistan by 250 million $, and we have a plan to support the Clean Energy project in the Region. 

    Dr. Khayat, cast light on the mutual commercial relations between Kurdistan Region and the United States, and spoke on the business activities with the United States Chambers, said: We have the memorandum of understanding with the United States Chamber of Commerce and we have strong ties. 

The president of the Chamber hoped having more delegates exchange in the future and stronger relation. 

Soran Abu Bakir, the deputy president of the Chamber started: We are in Kurdistan Region enjoy a nice climate which fits agriculture and fertile land, we hope the United States companies and investors come to develop the agriculture, tourist and industry in the Region which would make a good income and creates a lot of job opportunities.

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Erbil: On March 30th, 2021, the Spanish ambassador to Iraq Jwan Jose Escubar, paid a visit to the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry and received by Dr Dara Jalil Khayat, the president of the Chamber. 

In a meeting attended by Kamal Sadraddinm the member of the board of directors of the Chamber, the Spanish top diplomat in Iraq said that his visit to Er il aimed at gathering information about the best way for establishing Kurdish- Spanish Business Centre. 

The diplomat said: The stability that available in Erbil, and the adequate situation of Erbil for the plan since Erbil is a business gate of the whole Iraq, the headquarters of the Centre will be in Erbil. The Centre will be affiliated go the Embassy, through the Centre we can bring the Spanish owners of business interests and traders to the Region.

Then, Dr. Khayat hailed the plan and said that, business exchange between Iraq and Spain is not something new, it has been existed generally. The Kurdistan people also know about Spanish products. And, Spain an avant-garde nation in the sectors of agriculture tourist, could be a pattern for the Region. 

  He expressed his and the Chamber’s support for the plan. 

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