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The Chamber and ZOA organization discussing the launch of joint projects


Erbil: On May 3, 2021, Soran Abubakir Aziz, the deputy president of The Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry, received a delegation from the Dutch organisation, ZOA, which included Edwin Fiser, the director-general of the organisation, and Ester Kwestig, the director of Iraq Department in the organisation and Solomon Khuroum, the programme manager in the organisation. 


In a meeting, the sides cast light on joint projects between the Chamber and the organisation, particularly, holding training sessions and workshops for empowering some groups like; refugees, internal displaced, youth,,, etc, to making them have more opportunities in finding jobs and meeting the demands of employers in the private sector, and participating in the Kurdistan Region’s markets as well. 

 Furthermore, the sides emphasized the Agriculture sector projects development and evolution. 

The visiting delegation announced: Our organization’ programe, for now, is the economic sector development and the projects that serve to promote this sec to are our priority. During the previous times, our organisation has implemented a number of agricultural and irrigation projects in a number of rural areas of Kurdistan. 

 And, said that: We would like the Chamber to join our partners to launch jointly a number of human development workshops for the groups like; refugees, displaced, youth. The Dutch Consulate General would support the project similarly.  

From his part the deputy president of the Chamber, confirmed the Chamber’s support for the organisation, and mentioned the Chamber’s record in aiding this kind of projects.  

Moreover he talked about the availability of the conditions of a developed agriculture sector in nature of the Kurdistan Region, but the undersupply in an advanced technology made the sector be backward and old fashioned. Also, the drought and water wastage affected the sector too. Not having irrigation projects made a lot of loss to the farmers. That’s why it’s essential to support us regarding agricultural projects. 

The Chamber’s official then focused on the importance of establishing agriculture and food industry factories. 

ZOA is working in 15 countries in the world, and has begun serving in 

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