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Erbil: On 21.4.2016 , Dr.Dara Jalil Khayat the president of Kurdistan Federation of Commercial and Industrial Chambers ,accompanied by Sirwan Muhammad the president of Sulaimanyah Chamber of Commerce , Mr.Fiddadin Gardi and Mr. Jawhar Khidir the members of board of directors of Erbil Chamber , are participated in the Iraq-Europe annual investment forum in Greece. 

The forum was arranged by the Arab – Greece Chamber ,lasted for two days .

In the outset Mr.Rashad mubajir  the general secretory of the organizer chamber and Mr.Xaris Jibro Nicolas the heed of the board directors of the chamber, welcomed the attendees . 

Then, Mr.Shirwan waeli thee advisor of the president of the Republic of Iraq ,presented the speech of Iraq President. Mr.Jaffar HamadanI  the President of the Iraqi Unions of Commercial Chambers ,made a speech on behalf of the Deputy President of Commercial and Agricultural Arab Chambers. .Mr. Marcos Polari the undersecretary of the Greece Minister of Agriculture made the last speech . 

The panels begun to run , Mr. Khayat participated in a panel about the investment opportunities in Iraq. 

Dr.Khayat talked about the business opportunities in Iraq , those facilitations offered to private sector according to investment law .

He pointed out to the ration of local and foreign investment . He has also talked to investment in oil and gas sector in particular part.

Mr.Khayat talked over the financial crises due to ISIS war ,oil price fall in the world ,which it is a temporary crises to be ended .

He expressed the willingness to the Erbil ,Sulaimanyah and Duhok Chambers to collaborate for better commercial relations.


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