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Erbil: Aiming at Promotion of Commercial relations between the Erbil and Hamadan Chambers, on 12/8/2017, an agreement was signed between Erbil and Hamadan Chambers.

On 11/8/2017,  Majeed Jalal the member of the board of directors of the Erbil Chamber visited the capital of Iran Tehran and received by Mr. Khurshidy the deputy president of the Hamadan Chamber to talk about the promotion of Commercial ties also they poised to sign an agreement on 12/8/2017. On the same day, Mr. Jalal met with the deputy president of the Iran- Iraq corporation Chamber. 

On the next day, in the presence of businessmen and the members of the Hamadan Chamber a Commercial agreement signed between Erbil and Hamadan Chambers at the hall of exhibition in Tehran. 

The terms of the agreement support the collaboration between the both chambers in terms of exchanging delegations and participation in each others exhibitions. 

Later on 12/8/2017, an exhibition for reconstruction materials was opened in Tehran by the Iran Minister of Corporation and attended by ten deputy of the Minister of trade of Iran and Mr. Jalal attended the exhibition. The mentioned exhibition continued for two day, during this period of time Mr. Jalal met a large number of Iranian businessmen. 

The Erbil Chamber member of the board of directors, terminated his visit to Iran by a meeting with Mr. Behman Abdulilahi the president of the Federation of Iran Chambers of Commerce, after talking over strengthening Commercial ties between the sides, he gifted the Iranian trade leader the logo of the Erbil Chamber. 


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