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The Chamber signed a joint Memorandum with the Polytechnic University

Published in news Sunday, 20 August 2017 09:14

Erbil: On 23/7/2017, Der. Dara Jalil Khayat the president of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the presence of Mr. Ibrahim Sofy the deputy president of the Chamber and a number of the Chamber board members received Dr. Kawa Sherwani the Head of poly technic University of Erbil and Dr. Adnan Shahab the director of the operation center at the university and Mr. Sad Chawshli the member of the university delegation. 

The both sides met to sign a Memorandum between the Erbil Chamber and polytechnic university. 

After signing the memo, in a press conference the President of The Chamber said: our economy stepping toward the private sector development thus we need the young graduates, this kind of memo will be helpful for both the sides, we can help them by providing places and opening training courses for the empowerment of the graduates. 


And, said that: in the first step we have opened a training course which it's a good debut and we will continue to implement all the points of the memo. 

Later, the Dr. Sherwani said: our students are studying  all the lessens in theories and practices, they graduate and after the graduation because of lacking experience they need to be trained to not stay jobless, we should help them to find jobs, for this purpose we signed a memo including fife points one of them is opening training courses. 

And, said that they will implement all the points with the support of the Erbil Chamber. 


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