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Strengthening Commercial ties with South Korea

Published in news Wednesday, 23 August 2017 08:10

Erbil: On 15/8/2017, Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat the president of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the presence of Mr. Ibrahim Sofy the deputy president received a South Korean delegation included Song Ung Yub the South Korean ambassador to Baghdad and Hung Min Ey the South Korean consulate general in Erbil. 

In a meeting, the sides talked about the strengthening of business ties between Kurdistan Region and South Korea. The ambassador says d: I have a bulk of knowledge about Kurdistan  Region and Iraq Affairs I am ready to all kind of support and corporation, this period of time is the most suitable for working on strengthening relations. 

Sung said: I am sure that many of the Korean companies are willing to work in Kurdistan Region be develop mutual relations. 

Moreover, the ambassador said that there is a plan in the trade department of the embassy to open an institute called( the Kurdistan Institute For Administration ), the aim of this project is to promote relations with Kurdistan Region at all the fields, since in the past years the South Korean government has invited officially a large number of Kurdistan citizens to benefit from the our country's experience. 

The ambassador added: According our information that The Kurdistan citizens holding respect and love for South Korea, but we need to further develop relations and export our products to them in the Region. We did facilitations for the Kurdistan citizens in granting visa specially for the traders.  We do intend to do more facilitations. 

Then, the president of the Chamber, hailed the role of South Korea in Kurdistan reconstruction process after the fall of Sardam regime, and the footsteps that they left behind which worth appreciation.

The President of the Chamber said: It has been 35 years that the relations continue between Kurdistan and South Korea, currently the South Korean goods specially the electronic devices and Automobile South Korean manufactured are the most favorable because of the quality and reasonable price. 

And, Dr. Dara hoped the Korean companies to decrease their price to win the competition with the Chinese goods in Kurdistan Markets which they are overwhelmed the markets because of cheapness. 

Dr. Khayat, expressed willingness to support all the South Korean companies willing to work in Kurdistan Region. 

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