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In the end of his mission the The Turkish Consel visited the Chamber

Published in news Wednesday, 29 November 2017 10:04

Erbil: On 23th December 2017, Dr.. Dara Jalil Khayat in the presence of the deputies and board members of the Chamber, received Muhamad Akif Enam the Turkey Consul General to Erbil in the end of his diplomatic mission to the Region. 

Mr. Enam, during his visit said"Our country has facilitated for granting visa to the Kurdistan Region citizens and businessmen, nevertheless that the travel to Turkey decreased because of the blockade on the airports in the Kurdistan Region but there are significant number of the people traveling via Baghdad airport and the border crossings." 


He said that currently the electronic visa couldn't be used but they are granting visa through their offices in Erbil and Duhok. 

He also indicated that now he is preparing for taking up a new mission in the Turkish Foreign Ministry after he had a fine Four year period diplomatic mission in Kurdistan Region, and an excellent collaboration with the institutions in Kurdistan specially in exchanging commercial delegations and he thanked the Chamber for that.

Dr. Khayat thanked the continued effort of the Turkish diplomat during his mission period in collaboration with the Erbil Chamber and the good role he had played to advance the consolidation of trade and commercial ties between Kurdistan Region and Turkey, he hoped him success in his new duty. 

The both deputies of the president of the Chamber Soran Abu Bakir Aziz and Mala Majeed Surchi And Baqi Mohamed Hadi,Fidaadin Gardy, Tahir Mawlud, Salar Jalal Fataka, Sarkawt Jamal, Kamal Aziz the member of the board of directors of the Chamber attended the valediction meeting. 

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