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A Commercial Delegation from Kurdistan visited Bulgaria

Published in news Sunday, 23 September 2018 09:21

Erbil: On September11, 2018, The Kurdistan Commercial Delegation headed by Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat, the President of The Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry, accompanied by Ibrahim Mohammed Kanabi, the deputy president, Baqi Mohammed Hadi and Sadraddin Kamal the members of the board of directors of the Chamber visited the Ministry Of Economy and Energy of the Bulgaria Government. 

The delegation was received by Lajizar Bourisov, the undersecretary of Economy and Energy. 

In a bilateral meeting the both side discussed the investment in the energy sector of Kurdistan by the Bulgarian Government.

On the next day, the delegation visited the Bulgaria's Chambers of Commerce Union, received by Tistivan Symianov, the president of the Union, Janjo Yaniv, the president of Khaskovo Chamber of Commerce. 

In a meeting, the sides discussed the commercial activities of the Bulgarian businessmen in Kurdistan Region, and opening the Bulgarian Bank branch in Erbil was decided from there, which is the First time that a European Bank to open its branch in Erbil. 

On 13th September, the delegation has visited Varna, and well received by the deputy governor of Varna, Picho Pychiv, and Avan Tabcov, the President of The Varna Chamber. 

In that meeting, the deputy governor of Varna, mentioned that their city is well known for a famous tourism sector, they can invest in this sector in Kurdistan Region. Dr. Khayat, asked the Bulgarian traders to play their role in Kurdistan, specially, in the sector of tourism. 

The Kurdistan delegation was also accompanied by Azad Sherwani the officer of public relations of the Union of Kurdistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and Majeed Mzuri, the head of Kurdistan-Bulgaria Business Board. 

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