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Erbil: On 26/7/2017, Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat the president of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry received a delegation of the public and professional organizations headed by Ms. Naska Abdulla.

The delegation met with the president of the Chamber, and Mr. Ibrahim Sofy and Mr. Soran Abu baker the deputies of the president of the Chamber and members of the board of the Chamber presented in the meeting. 

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Erbil: On 8/8/2017, under the patronage of the Minister if Culture, the Palestine Consulate General in Erbil in corporation with the Ministry of Culture held a plastic exhibition in commemoration of the Palestine famous poem Mahmoud Darwesh .

Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat the president of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry participated in the exhibition opening ceremony which was held in Mrdia hall in Erbil. 


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Sunday, 20 August 2017 09:23

The Brazil Ambassador visited the Chamber

Erbil: On9/8/2017, Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat the President of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomed The Brazilian ambassador to Iraq Mr. Migel Magalhayz. 

In a meeting, that Mr. Salar Jalal and Saddradin Kamal presented in, they sides spoke about the strengthening of Commercial ties between Kurdistan Region and Brazil. The ambassador expressed happiness for this visit and said: A main part of our worlds at the embassy is the focusing on the economic ties with Iraq and Kurdistan Region, the Brazil is a powerful country in all the areas specially in the fields of agriculture, Industry, and services, that's why we will be able to corporate with the Region. 

Furthermore, the ambassador said: the situation that the country has been passed through during the last years wasn't helpful to the Brazilian companies to come into the Region, but I will be advising them to come and inform them about the prevailed security here.

Also, indicated to the extensive work that done, but he he said it's not sufficient and we would like to have more efforts. And, he will try to bring the Brazilian companies to Kurdistan to establish business here. 

Dr. Khayat said that the Brazil and Iraq have a historical relationship, a good portion of food are imported from Brazil to Kurdistan, the Brazil as an industrial country is our focus point, we hope to continue relations. 

Dr. Dara said: We with the Brazilian- Iraqi Chamber and The Brazil - Arab Chamber have relations but the Chamber wants to the relations more through Mr. Ambassador.

The president of the Chamber also hoped the ambassador to explain for the Brazilian companies that in Kurdistan security and stability is prevailing and the region is a very suitable space for investment. And, hope the Brazilian Journalists that accompanied the ambassador to convey their realities to Brazil. And, asked the commerce department at the Brazilian embassy to plan for bringing Brazilian traders to Kurdistan. Although, hoped that Brazil will open a consulate general or trade center in Kurdistan Region. 

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Erbil: On 1/8/2017, a delegation from the office of The Caritas organization of Check Republic visited the Chamber and received by Mr. Soran Abu baker the deputy president of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

During a meeting, the sides agreed on holding a conference on 28/8/2017 under the name of ( the Agriculture is the Friend of the environment). 

Fathermore, they talked about the contents of the panels of the conference, to be focused on the Agricultural economy strategy, reform in the local agriculture products, and a number of Check agronomists to participate in the panels.

Also, the conference will include a part that a number of local farmers to be supported financially and to be instructed about how they make their products better. 

In the end, the deputy president of the Chamber thanked the organization and expressed the support of the Chamber for the plan. 

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Erbil: On 31/7/2017, Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat the president of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry received Mr. Darbaz Abdulla Rasul the Minister of Reconstruction and Mr. Osman Shwani the secretary of the KRG high assembly of economy. 

In a meeting, attended by Mr. Saddradin Kamal the member of the board directors of the Chamber the sides talked about the situation of trade and economy in Kurdistan Region. 


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Erbil: On 30/7/2017, at the German office for Trade and Industry relations the fourth meeting was held on the prior trade projects.

Mr. Falah Mustafa the head of KRG Foreign Relations Department, Mr. Christopher Berger the German Deputy Consul General in Kurdistan Region, Nr. Soran Abubakir the deputy president of the Chamber and a number of rag officials and German businesses representatives were presented in the meeting. 

In the meeting, Mr. Abubakir gave declaration about the current situation, said : the crises that are unfolding in the Region have a direct impact on the trade and investment but they are temporary crises to be ended. Continued: Erbil is the closest city to Mosul, the construction process is due to start in Mosul, all the companies that have the plan to participate in the process they have the potential to take center in Kurdistan Region where they can obtain all the elements and materials they need, most of the reconstruction materials are available in Erbil like cement and steal, the Region has over production in those materials they are always exported to other cities in Iraq. 

He asked the German companies to take positions in the Region to have a successful participation. 

Mr. Abu baker also referred that because of oil prices fall the KRG has revived the agriculture sector, now some of the products are 70% of local production and some of them 100% and extra to be imported. But, he indicated that the region requires canning and refrigeration projects. 


He also said that as the result of the ill treatment by the central government and putting a number of tax points between Kurdistan Region and Iraq we are already to states that's why the scheduled referendum wouldn't make any change in the situation. 

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Erbil: On 1/8/2017, the Erbil governorship assembly organized a private meeting of the rumors of price rising in the market and the situation of the market which has been attended by Ali Rasheed the head of the assembly, Nabaz hawrami Abdulhameed the mayor of the Erbil province, Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat the president of Erbil Chamber, Soran Abu baker the deputy president of Erbil Chamber, the manager of cereals, the director of trade supervision, the director of Erbil butchery. 

 During the meeting, the mayor of Erbil said that they have alarmed all the traders about that any rising of the price is illegal and those who doing so will face punishment and that they will work to eradicate the rumors. 

Although, Dr. Khayat said that the Chamber usually gives instructions to the local traders to import good quality products with suitable prices, and that the Chamber will help the Erbil Assembly and mayorship to challenge any rise in the prices of the goods.


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Erbil: On 26/7/2017, In the presence of Mr. Muhammad Hawdyani the Minister of Social Affairs and Work, Mr. Nawzad Hadi the governor of Erbil, Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat the president of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the international Fair for job opportunities opened in Erbil. 

Worth mentioning, around 100 companies participated in the exhibition and its expected having this exhibition would lead to finding jobs by those have visited the Fair. 


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Sunday, 20 August 2017 09:14

A training course held in the Chamber

Erbil: On 23/7/2017, the Plan organization with the support of Erbil Chamber and The Erbil Polytechnic University a training course was held at the headquarters of the Chamber. 

Regarding this course, Mr. Jabar Rashid the assistant professor at the Erbil Polytechnic University and the member of the board of the Plan organization said: the course aiming at the empowerment of the College and institute graduates, training them to make them able to find jobs and build their own projects, or they can find jobs at private sector projects.

Worth mentioning, holding this course is a part of the joint Memorandum between Erbil Chamber and Polytechnic University. 

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Erbil: On 23/7/2017, Der. Dara Jalil Khayat the president of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the presence of Mr. Ibrahim Sofy the deputy president of the Chamber and a number of the Chamber board members received Dr. Kawa Sherwani the Head of poly technic University of Erbil and Dr. Adnan Shahab the director of the operation center at the university and Mr. Sad Chawshli the member of the university delegation. 

The both sides met to sign a Memorandum between the Erbil Chamber and polytechnic university. 

After signing the memo, in a press conference the President of The Chamber said: our economy stepping toward the private sector development thus we need the young graduates, this kind of memo will be helpful for both the sides, we can help them by providing places and opening training courses for the empowerment of the graduates. 


And, said that: in the first step we have opened a training course which it's a good debut and we will continue to implement all the points of the memo. 

Later, the Dr. Sherwani said: our students are studying  all the lessens in theories and practices, they graduate and after the graduation because of lacking experience they need to be trained to not stay jobless, we should help them to find jobs, for this purpose we signed a memo including fife points one of them is opening training courses. 

And, said that they will implement all the points with the support of the Erbil Chamber. 


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